Preorder updates

Please check this page for the latest updates on preorder items. Refer to the information below to see the current status before sending a contact inquiry. Thank you!
If your order contained a preorder item your whole order will not ship until it has arrived at the warehouse. All dates are written as day/month/year.

Current preorders:

Embroidered beanies

11/08/21 - beanies have arrived!

Calico and Strawberry Cow beanies

09/07/21 - beanies have arrived!

Cloud plush pillow

09/07/21 - production has finished, plushes have been shipped to me

Space Buns, Calico and Sakura cardigans

11/08/21 - cardigans have arrived!


11/08/21 - production has finished, currently on their way to me

Cat bucket hat

11/08/21 - production is expected to finish on August 12th

Jellyfish sweatshirt

11/08/21 - sweatshirts have arrived!